Monday, 6 June 2011

Is it April?

Women's prisons 'should close'

What level of utter imbicility is this? So alongside children under the age of of criminal responsibility carrying guns and drugs we can have the girlfriends doing it too!
If short term sentences don't work and all that's needed is a bit of support and some touchy-feely to overcome their self-esteem problems then the men should get an equal shot at it.
Playing this up as a women's issue is ridiculous and I really hope that no one with the slightest bit of power will do anything but laugh.

Money tip of the day

...courtesy of Metro:

Lead by example. If you know you need to pay your staff more, consider taking a personal salary cut.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

So if it's not worth it...

why are you expecting every other bugger to pay for it?

There are a few things we could take from this, but let's start with 50% of students:

  • spent 3 years pissing around
  • studied a pointless subject with no hope of a job or a future in academia
  • are by their very nature quite right-on and must maintain the mantra
  • consider their course to have been poor value for money
  • think that shelf-stacking is a better career move than anything that requires a degree
Be interesting to see the same finalists' actual results and starting graduate salaries tallied against their supposed willingness to fund their own studies.

On personal experience, I know I would've studied a damn sight harder if I'd been picking up my own tab.